A Guide to Buying House Furniture

The most troublesome affair after renovation or occupy new house or apartment is to choose wardrobe and put […]

The most troublesome affair after renovation or occupy new house or apartment is to choose wardrobe and put the clothes belonged to the whole family. It’s even more complicated than just taking care of moving letter or other things

Shop and Choose cabinets and ensure its benefits is not easy, especially in the midst of moving house or apartment. Inside the bedroom, for example, the wardrobe is usually not only used to store all the clothes, either hung or folded, from jackets, shirts, subordinates, to underwear.

In the wardrobe you can store bags and shoes.
However, before making your choices, you should first consider the following five important things:

1. Size

Judging from its usefulness in the long run, choosing wardrobe had to be careful and not to be underestimated. In fact, the need to more carefully rather than choosing a minimalist sofa models.

The first thing to note is to make sure the size of a wardrobe appropriate bed space capacity. Although the load as it passes through the bedroom door, not to the presence of the closet that are too big and even stifling room that turned out to be small. In addition to less harmonious, make trouble passing in the room.

To that end, as well as consideration of choosing a sofa, you should first measure the spacious room and the door. Furthermore, compared with the size of wardrobe you choose.



2. Material

The country needs a closet in four seasons is different from you who lived in Indonesia as a tropical country. Selection of base materials for the wardrobe should be strong and durable.

Indeed, wood cabinets look more beautiful and “cool”. But, if not the number one quality, durable wood cabinets not long, especially facing termite attack.

Therefore, cabinets with plastic material can make alternative first. Just select good quality materials and thick so as not easily peeled off.

3. Color

Aesthetic matters also need to be taken into consideration choosing wardrobe. To be in line with the conditions of the room, choose a color cabinets that match the color and design of your bedroom or your kids room.

Make sure that the color of the cabinet are also compatible with some other furniture in the room, such as a bed, dresser and mirror.

Many choose a neutral color, such as white, black, gray, amber, or brown for a wardrobe in the room. Because the neutral color is safe to mix and match with anything.

4. Design

After determining the size, materials and colors, the next consideration is the design. Make sure the design of your wardrobe matches the contents of the room.

Yes, because the problem is not only fit without having to “eating place”, but the cupboard must also unsightly. Do not forget, the design must also comply with the requirements.

Wants only for clothing or all the bags as well as a collection of your shoes? Currently, in addition to available high wardrobe with up to almost reach the ceiling, there are also tiny. But, whatever the choice, make sure your chosen closet and harmoniously fit in the room.

5. Price

Price is the last place that needs to be considered selecting a cupboard. For that, it helps the budget cupboard has been included in the estimated cost of moving house or apartment.

If it is adequate for your financial situation, please buy. Conversely, if not, you need to look for alternatives. Looking coveted closet until the season discount is not the solution, since this is an urgent need to be budgeted.