Reason Buying Nintendo Switch

Along with the development of the internet is very rapid, the technology was inevitably have to come innovate. […]

Along with the development of the internet is very rapid, the technology was inevitably have to come innovate. So also with video game technology. Video game manufacturers seem to have to rack my brain to bring up the latest innovations to satisfy its loyal customers. As well as the video game manufacturer Nintendo by issuing the latest game console, the Nintendo Switch.

The trend in game play has changed. In the past, many people who prefer to play games at home (in space) because it requires additional devices such as TV or monitor. Now, the trend of playing games has changed. Dense outdoor activities make the time to play games at home even more diminished. However, with the Nintendo Switch, you can play games wherever you want. What are the advantages of this new Nintendo gaming console?

Here are some of the advantages.

More Flexible Can Be Played Anywhere

As mentioned above, this one game console is more flexible to play anywhere. This game console is very small and easy to carry anywhere. For outdoors, you can play it directly through the screen available on the tablet.

Even so, you can still play it at home by connecting it with the TV. The trick is easy, you just need to install the game console on the docking that has been provided.

Offers 3 Playing Modes

As the name implies, this game console can be changed into 3 modes of play as you wish. Stay Mode, for you who want to connect it with TV. Then Tabletop Mode, which allows you to play multiplayer outdoors. And thirdly, there is a Handheld Mode that lets you play it wherever you are by uniting the Nintendo controller and screen.

Multiplayer Play

Another advantage is the Nintendo Switch can be played in multiplayer though outdoors. This is because the Joy-Con technology can be separated into two parts, namely – and +.

Specifications are also not less interesting. Nintendo series is already carrying Nvidia Tegra. The quality of the video displayed was also already qualified, namely 1080 (Stay Mode) and 720 (Tabletop Mode and Handheld Mode).

Battery Life Up to 6 Hours

The final reason why you should buy this game console is because of its long battery life. With its 4310 mAh Lithium ion battery, you can play your favorite games for approximately 2.5-6 hours non-stop.

Affordable Nintendo Switch accessories

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